Odesa Solstice by Eric Almeida book cover, Kindle edition 2023

At dawn on the summer solstice of 2019, in the heart of Odesa, Tanya Platova and Henri Langeron wind up all-night outings with friends. Each gravitates to the Potemkin Stairs, where Tanya indulges her passion for photography and Langeron contemplates his filmmaking ambitions. What they witness next thrusts them into the vortex of international politics and ineluctably together—engulfed by the grotesque machinations of Russian state propaganda and the lethal designs of the FSB. Cascading threats against them reflect the war already in progress and the larger invasion still to come. Everything hinges on their clarity and resolve…


Odesa Solstice, Eric Almeida’s newest international thriller, was released for sale worldwide on May 1st, 2024!


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