Crimean Seas, Kiev Skies book cover

Yulia Petrenko loves her country. She really does. She also yearns for better.
However her country is Ukraine, and the year is 2013. And she’s graduating from university besides.  She makes her accommodations.

Then, on her first job at a sun-drenched resort in Crimea—out of the blue—she encounters a corrupt oligarch and a well-meaning American businessman. Suddenly she sees a chance to bend currents in a different direction, and plunges ahead. Shockwaves ripple through the secretive councils of the Kremlin and the financial nerve centers of London. Before she knows it she’s facing down danger, and her beloved Ukraine is surging toward revolution…


Crimean Seas, Kiev Skies, Eric Almeida’s newest international thriller, springs straight from recent headlines!

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